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I’m not here to get on my soapbox about spirituality—your religion is personal, and I won’t tell you what to believe. However, because spirituality is so personal, it plays a key role in marital satisfaction. The more spiritually in tune spouses are, the more joy they will experience with each other. So as you discuss marriage with your significant other, find out what each of you believes. Determine how you will approach worship, and respect your differences.

Family Matters

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Transitioning into marriage means integrating your fiancé into your family—and gaining in-laws yourself. As you prepare for marriage, be a respectful intermediary between your fiancé and your family. Communicate with your fiancé about how your family acts and what your relationship with them is like. Talk to your family too. Allow them to get acquainted with your fiancé. As you meet your new in-laws, respect their way of doing things, and accept that every family is different.

Imperfect People

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As you date someone, you learn their strengths and weaknesses. And as you become engaged and prepare for marriage, it’s no different. You’ll continue to learn about your fiancé’s character. Don’t be alarmed and try to escape! As you learn what their flaws are, recognize that people aren’t perfect. You should still be aware of red flags, however. For most character flaws, the important thing is communicating with each other about your character goals and respecting your differences.

On the Lookout

a man and woman at the alter about to be wed

Getting married means making a commitment. Too frequently today, people get married without really intending to do everything they can to protect that relationship. But not you! Once you know your significant other is the right person for you, commit to stay committed. Be on the “lookout for love,” if you will. In other words, be the guardian of your marriage. Talk with your fiancé about the things you’ll do together to stay close and to grow closer.